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Windows Increase Curb Appeal

Sheila Taylor- W&D Gallery

"Many homeowners want to increase their home's curb appeal, and windows are a major element of the home's exterior look - in many cases, they either add or detract from the overall 'wow factor' of the home. Windows add to the beauty of a home's exterior; they can be used to highlight distinctive architecture or to complement the overall theme of the home, from classic to contemporary styles. By selecting different window colors, sizes, and grid patterns, homeowners can make a dramatic statement. Many homeowners are choosing windows to enhance the grand entry of their homes, creating a focal point that enhances the street view. Additionally, the right window selection can open up a room and bring outdoor beauty inside by enhancing views of the home's surroundings."

The above quote appears on page 241 of the current "2022 Home & Design Edition" of City Scope Magazine.


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